• CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_ATGL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_ATGL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_ATGL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_ATGL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_CLBE_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_CLBE_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_CLBE_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_CLBE_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_DPBL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_DPBL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_DPBL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_DPBL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_GABL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_GABL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_GABL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_GABL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_NABL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_NABL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_NABL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_NABL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_MAPI_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_MAPI_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_MAPI_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_MAPI_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_RIBL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_RIBL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_RIBL_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_RIBL_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y045_EU_SOGR_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_SOGR_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_SOGR_XXLSunCanopy_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_SOGR_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonM_EU_y000_ATGL_Ybelts.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_ATGL_XXLSunCanopy_Animation.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_ATGL_seatinsert.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y180_ATGL_LSP.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y090_ATGL_lightweight.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_ATGL_adjustableheadrest.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_y000_EU_ATGL_absorbingshell.tif_screen_HD
  • CYB_21_AtonMi-Size_EU_y270_AtonMi-Size_EU_ATGL_Base.tif_screen_HD

Cybex Aton M i-Size Infant Carrier Carseat [PREORDER 1 DAY]

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Product Details

The Aton M i-Size offers the latest safety technology available. When installed with the Base M (additionally available), the infant car seat complies with the new i-Size regulation. i-Size (UN R129) is the EU standard for child safety, making rear-facing travel mandatory until your child reaches 15 months. The Aton M i-Size is suitable for newborns and babies at a height of 45 cm to 87 cm (max. 13 kg).


  • M-Line Modular System
  • 11-position height adjustable headrest with integrated harness guides
  • Integrated L.S.P. System
  • Removable seat insert
  • Travel system
  • Complies with the new European requirements and regulations for car seats UN R129 when installed with Base

Modular Innovation Meets Safety Standards

The Aton M i-Size offers a removable seat insert that ensures a near-flat lying position for premature and newborn babies. Together with the L.S.P. System and the energy absorbing shell the elaborate safety concept helps protect the baby. The height-adjustable head rest, a softly padded harness and the XXL sun canopy ensure a comfortable ride.

Tech Specs:

  • I-Size Norm, UN R129
  • Height 45 cm – 87 cm
  • Weight: max. 13 kg
  • Age: From birth up to approx. 24 months


  • M-Line Modular System
  • 11-position height-adjustable
  • L.S.P. System
  • Removable newborn inlay
  • Integrated XXL Sun Canopy
  • Travel System
  • Energy-absorbing shell
  • Extra wide Y-harness straps

Care Instructions:

  • Fabric covers machine washable at 30°C

Installation with base (option 1): Pay attention to the i-size logo. If a vehicle seat is marked with this logo, it is suitable for use with all i-size child seats and therefore will not appear in our list of compatible vehicles. If your vehicle does not have an i-Size seat, please check the compatibility of your vehicle. If your vehicle is not displayed, please contact our customer service team.