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  • P1814AAFGY000_RoomieGlide_FoggyGray_Hero_cs_cc_HR
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  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_LtAng2_cs_cc_HR_GLIDE
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_LtAng1_cs_cc_HR_GLIDE
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_Hero_Reclined1_cs_cc_HR
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_Hero_Reclined2_cs_cc_HR
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_Hero1_cs_cc_HR
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  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_PROFILECONNECT_cs_cc_HR
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_PROFILEGLIDE_cs_cc_HR
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_TILT_cs_cc_HR
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_WHEELSLOCK_cs_cc_HR
  • 5056080608914_RoomieGlide_StarryNight_FOLDINGLEGS_cs_cc_HR

Joie Roomie Glide Cot [PREORDER 1 DAY]

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Feed, soothe or snuggle from the comfort of your own bed. Enjoy every waking moment of the newborn stage without losing sleep over whether they’re snoozing safely.Whether your little one prefers a leisurely or lively ride/tempo, set the pace of baby’s late-night rock sessions with a smooth single-hand glide. Gently soothe your sleepy baby right into dreamland without leaving your own bed and lock the glide in place when the ride is over. The sliding side panel lifts and lowers with just one hand, helping you answer those midnight wakeup calls smoothly even when half asleep. Sleeping safely side by side without sharing a bed makes parent-baby bonding a dream. With your little one snugly in arm’s reach, you can easily feed, cuddle, soothe or simply stare at that sweet face from the comfort of your own bed.

  • Allows you to sleep closely side by side without sharing a bed
  • Sliding side panel lifts and lowers with just one hand
  • Smooth single hand glide soothes baby and locks in place with a single button push
  • Smooth single hand glide soothes baby and locks in place with a single button push
  • 11 height adjustments measure up to nearly any sized bed
  • Soothing tilt gently inclines to help your little one comfortably digest their bedtime snack
  • Fits most beds, including divans, with adjustable folding feet that step right up to your bed
  • One-touch gliding lock keeps the cot firmly in place for sleeping still
  • Four lockable wheels make moving the crib easy and are rubber-covered to keep your floor scratch free
  • Woven fabrics are wipeable for easy cleaning
  • Double mesh windows on both sides provide plenty of ventilation
  • Secures to your bed with a simple strap and clip attachment
  • Machine washable mattress cover removes in a snap for easy cleaning
  • Rounded cocoon shape with soft padded sides for extra comfort and protection
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble to tote with included travel bag
  • Light weight yet strong aluminum frame

Model: P1814
Product weight: 11.94 kg
Product Size: l 98.5 x w 68.5 x h 66-81 cm
Testing Certification: EN 1130:2019 and EN 16890:2017

Product usage:
Birth to 9kg