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Boboduck 19 Liter LED UV Sterilizer & Dryer

RM 529.00

💕 Product Description :

- UV steriliser can ensure a family life health and sanitation.
- Boboduck UV steriliser can kill up to 99.9% virus and bacteria.
- Boboduck UV steriliser unique function: making yogurt and dried fruit.
- Sterilizer can prevent all kinds of infectious disease to spread through alimentary canal effectively.
- UVC LED lamp disinfection and boiling water disinfection is currently the Safest physical sterilization mode.

👍Features :
🔸 UVC LED lamp with 19 mercury-free lamp beads.
🔸 LED lamp service life 6 years
🔸 8K mirror reflection technology
◾ 360 Degree comprehensive sterilization, no dead Angle, can be irradiated to all items
🔸 A variety of items can be disinfected.
🔸 Mom can use it to make yogurt and dried fruit.
🔸 19L sterilizer can store up to 12 bottles once time.
◾ Shelf can be disassembled to improve the space availability
🔸 Sterile storage
◾ Automatic disinfection and drying every 3 hours for 24 hours
🔸 60 ℃- 70 ℃low temperature - PTC ceramics drying. Moisture is removed avoid secondary contamination caused by bacterial growth during disinfection
🔸 PM 2.5 air filtration system - Eliminates 99.9% air bone contaminants.
🔸 Come with two trays can be disassembled to improve the space availability.
🔸 Power is automatically cut off when the cabinet door is opened during operation.
🔸 Comes with Malaysia adapter ; safety guaranteed.

✨Specification :
Product:UV Sterilizer
Material:PPMA (Panel) + ABS + 8K stainless steel
UV power:5WRated power:160W
Rated voltage:220V-50Hz
Dimension:273 x 295 x 385 mm / 10.75 x 11.6 x 15.16 inches

😘 Buyer's question :
👉 What's the difference between 10 L and 19 L?
◾ 10L can't make yogurt and dried fruit
◾ 10L sterilizer come with a rack tray, 19L sterilizer come with 2 rack trays
◾ 10L sterilizer function time is fixed, 19L sterilizer function time is adjustable
◾ 10L sterilizer can store up to 6 bottles once time ,19L sterilizer can store up to 12 bottles once time
◾ 10L sterilizer come with 16 no mercury lamp beads ,19L sterilizer come with 19 no mercury lamp beads
◾ 10L sterilizer interial material is 304 stainless wheel, 19L sterilizer intenal material is 8K fine ground stainless steel( 8K is the highest grade of stainless steel )

Warranty : 1 Year