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Joie Fortifi Child Car Seat [PREORDER 1 DAY]

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RM 799.00
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RM 1,199.00
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Meet the clever reclining booster that makes the ups and downs of every journey extra cosy and secure.

Thoughtfully designed with 4 recline positions to keep growing kiddos extra cosy when they sit up to take in the views or lean back to snooze as they cruise.  

As you raise the headrest to accommodate kids growing to new heights, the AutoAdjust™ side wings automatically widen to give them more shoulder space.

Stash the straps away in the sleek Harness Hideaway™ compartments when your growing child is ready to buckle up with the seat belt.

  • Group 1/2/3 car seat
  • Suitable forward facing from 9 kg to 36 kg, approx. 12 years
  • 4 recline positions forward facing
  • 5-point harness usable up to 18 kg, approx. 4 years
  • AutoAdjust™ side wings widen as headrest is raised to accommodate growing children
  • Custom Harness Hideaway compartments store the 5-point harness when using as a Group 2/3 booster
  • Grow Together™ multi-height headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and require no re-threading of harness
  • One-hand, 9 position height adjustable headrest
  • Guard Surround Safety™ panels provide extra side protection and can be individually activated for extra room in vehicle
  • Side impact protection provides added security for the head, body and hips
  • High back support holds belt positioning in proper place and provides a comfortable spot for kids to rest their head
  • Reinforced steel inner seat shell increases structural integrity
  • Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics keep little ones cosy
  • Side, mesh storage pockets for child's must-have travel items
  • Well marked, colour-coded installation paths
  • Dual lock-offs for installing with vehicle's 3-point seat belt
  • Padded harness covers keep kiddos cosy and secure
  • One pull motion easily tightens the 5-point harness

Model: C1209

Product Dimensions: l 52.8-65.7 x w 46-48.5 x h 56.1-82 cm

Product Weight: 7.85 kg

Product Usage: Group 1/2/3, 9-36 kg; approx. 1-12 years old

Testing certification: ECE R44/04