• W1306ABCOZ000_Serina2in1_Cosy_Spaces_RtAng_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABCOZ000_Serina2in1_CosySpaces_Hero_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABCOZ000_Serina2in1_CosySpaces_Profile_Front_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABCOZ000_Serina2in1_CosySpaces_RtProfile_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABCOZ000_Serina2in1_CosySpaces_RtProfile_Reclined_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABLGN000_Serina2in1_Logan_RtAng_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABLGN000_Serina2in1_Logan_Hero_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABLGN000_Serina2in1_Logan_Prof_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABLGN000_Serina2in1_Logan_Prof_Recline_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABLGN000_Serina2in1_Logan_Prof_Turn_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABLGN000_Serina2in1_Logan_Rocker_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABTLE000_Serina2in1_Tile_RtAng_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABTLE000_Serina2in1_Tile_Hero_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABTLE000_Serina2in1_Tile_Profile_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABTLE000_Serina2in1_Tile_Profile_Recline_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABTLE000_Serina2in1_Tile_Rocker_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABTLE000_Serina2in1_Tile_Turn_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306CASPK000_Serina_2in1__Speckled_RtAng_Cs_cc_HR
  • W1306CASPK000_Serina_2in1__Speckled_Hero_Cs_cc_HR
  • W1306CASPK000_Serina_2in1__Speckled_Pro_Cs_cc_HR
  • W1306CASPK000_Serina_2in1__Speckled_Pro2_Cs_cc_HR
  • W1306CASPK000_Serina_2in1__Speckled_Pro3_Cs_cc_HR
  • W1306CASPK000_Serina_2in1__Speckled_RtAngLow_Cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABPOR000_Serina_2in1_Portrait_RtAng_1817_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABPOR000_Serina_2in1_Portrait_Hero_1816_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABPOR000_Serina_2in1_Portrait_Pro_1811_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABPOR000_Serina_2in1_Portrait_Pro2_1812_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABPOR000_Serina_2in1_Portrait_Pro3_1813_cs_cc_HR
  • W1306ABPOR000_Serina_2in1_Portrait_RtAng_Nobase_1818_cs_cc_HR

Joie Serina 2in1 Baby Soother [PREORDER 1 DAY]

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RM 999.00
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RM 999.00
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RM 1,299.00
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A sweet soother swings and sways just the way baby wants. Lift-off swing seat doubles as a portable rocker for convenient use in any space. 2in1 lift-off seat lets baby swing or rock any way, anywhere. Dual motion seat swings front to back or side to side with a simple twist. 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds pair with vibration and 3-position recline to soothe while swaying.

  • Tested to the standard weight capacity to hold up to 9 kg
  • Lift off seat doubles as a portable rocking seat
  • Pivoting carry handle makes rocker easily portable from room to room
  • 2 way seat swings front and back or side to side - whichever way baby likes
  • 6 swing speeds to fit baby's preference
  • 2 wheels and integrated handle make swing frame easy to move
  • 3 position reclining seat offers comfort options for baby
  • 2 speed soothing vibration pairs with 5 classical lullabies and 5 nature sounds to calm little ones
  • Soft glow nightlight with 4 brightness settings
  • Removable, washable, plush infant body support and seat pad are cosy and perfectly cocoon baby
  • Pivoting overhead toy bar with two toys for playtime entertainment
  • Fits through standard European doorways
  • Open top design for easy access to baby
  • A/C power adapter or battery operated - to soothe little ones anywhere
  • SoftTouch, 5-point harness with soft lower buckle cover

Model: W1306
Product Dimensions: l 91.5cm x w 73cm x h 81cm
Product Weight: 10.94kg
Product Usage: birth to 9kg
Testing Certification: EN 12790:2009 and EN 16232:2013