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Lacte Duet Omnia Pro

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RM 399.00
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RM 399.00
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Product Details
  • Rechageable Battery
  • 2nd Gen Soft Breastshield with only 4-piece Assembly
  • Closed System with Anti-Backflow
  • Original Size Breastshield is 25mm
  • Optional Breastshield Funnel Size : 21mm , 25mm , 29mm
  • 2 Mode + Turbo
  • 9 Level Stimulation Mode
  • 9 Level Expression Mode
  • 9 Level Turbo Mode ( Turbo mode is extended suction mode from Expression mode for extra Suction Strength )
  • Auto Mode Switching
  • Automatically switch from Stimulation to Expression mode after 2 minutes
  • Can be disabled by toggling 2x to stimulation mode
  • - Speed Control . Does not effect suction strength . Highly flexible settings so you can find what works best for your body . Optimum Speed setting increase pumping efficiency and reduce pumping time
  • 5 Speed Level on Each Vacuum Setting for both Stimulation & Expression Mode
  • Not available on Turbo mode
  • - User Friendly . Very Easy to use . Clear display layout . No Confusing Setting to remember- Memory it remember your last used setting in each mode- Light & Compact . Only 270g- Lock Screen . Prevent accidental touch that interrupt your pumping session- Ultra Silent one of the quietest breast pumps in the market- Silent Control ( Mute Beep ) . Disable the touch Beep sound for complete silent operation- USB Type-C . Charge with any USB power source . Easy to plug into Phone Charger , Powerbank , PC USB port etc- Double Connector . Convenience of switching from double to single pumping . Can connect to any type of breastshield or handsfree kit at ease- Lanyard Hook

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