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Quinton i-Smart 360 Rotating R129 Child Car Seat

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  • R129 i-Size. Use from 40cm – 150cm 
  • Easy Isofix + Top Tether installation 
  • Smooth 360-degree rotation 
  • 5 recline positions for rear-facing & 5 recline positions for front-facing (Can be rotate in any recline position)
  • Memory foam padding 
  • Safe bound bar
  • Soft and smooth fabric with cooling effect 

Discover the Quinton i-Smart 360 Car Seat, designed for ultimate safety and comfort from infancy to childhood. Embrace the journey with our R129 i-Size certified seat, featuring easy installation, 360-degree rotation, multiple recline positions, memory foam padding, and cooling fabrics.

Embark on every journey with peace of mind and the utmost comfort for your little one with the Quinton i-Smart Car Seat. Tailored to grow with your child from 40cm up to 150cm, this seat is a long-lasting travel solution that ensures safety and ease without compromising on comfort.

R129 i-Size Certification: The Gold Standard in Child Safety

Our Quinton i-Smart 360 Car Seat meets the prestigious R129 i-Size safety standards, offering superior protection for your child. Designed to support your baby from their very first ride, this seat adapts seamlessly as they grow, ensuring they are always cushioned in safety.

Effortless Isofix + Top Tether Installation: Secure Your Child in Seconds

With the innovative Isofix + Top Tether system, installation is a breeze. This feature not only saves time but also provides parents with the confidence that the seat is fitted securely and correctly every time.

360-Degree Rotation: Accessibility Meets Safety

The smooth 360-degree rotation mechanism allows you to easily place and adjust your child’s position without strain. Whether you’re switching from rear to front-facing or finding the perfect angle, the transition is effortless and safe.

10 Recline Positions: Customizable Comfort for Every Age

With 5 recline positions for rear-facing and 5 for front-facing, the Quinton i-Smart 360 Car Seat ensures that your child can enjoy the ride in their preferred comfort setting. The ability to rotate in any recline position means that you can quickly find the perfect angle for your child’s relaxation or sightseeing.

Memory Foam Padding: A Gentle Embrace

The memory foam padding in our seat contours to your child’s body, providing a gentle embrace that not only increases safety but also enhances comfort for those long or short trips.

Safe Bound Bar: Added Protection for the Unexpected

Our integrated Safe Bound Bar adds an extra layer of protection, reducing movement in the event of a collision and ensuring your child is cocooned in safety.

Cooling Fabrics: Soothe and Protect

We understand that comfort is about more than just cushioning. That’s why our seat is lined with soft, smooth fabric that has a cooling effect, perfect for maintaining your child’s optimal temperature even on warm days.

With the Quinton i-Smart 360 Car Seat, every trip is a promise of safety, comfort, and ease for both parent and baby. Choose the smart way to travel with your child.