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Youha Pod Milk Collector Cup

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With the Youha® POD, collecting milk manually is a piece of cake! This portable milk collector is designed to be easily attached to the inside of your bra, sweater or t-shirt. It's a convenient and discreet way to collect breast milk whenever and wherever you want.

Unlike traditional silicone breast milk collectors, the Youha® POD offers a hassle-free solution for collecting breast milk. It fits comfortably in your bra and stays in place while you're breastfeeding or expressing milk on the other side. This means you don't have to worry about the collector being knocked off your chest by your baby.

The Youha® POD is the perfect solution for mothers looking for a convenient and efficient way to collect breast milk. It's easy to use and fits discreetly into your bra, allowing you to use it anytime and place. Order the Youha® POD now and experience the convenience and efficiency of this portable milk collector for yourself.